Am I going to get pregnant?!

So we’ve been doing “natural family planning” for years now & we’ve never made a mistake. Well. We’ve made a mistake. I didn’t get off in time… 🙃 We weren’t planning on getting pregnant for a few more months.. it’s extremely easy for us to get pregnant. We got pregnant both times on the first month of trying. Now I’m nervous.. we really wanted to wait a few more months.. our house will be done (being built) in the fall of next year. We will be getting a bigger car right after. & if this mistake gets me pregnant it will be an end of april baby. We have everything planned so I’m just freaking out cause that’s what I do when our plans go to crap. 😂 what do you guys think?

**we do have a very healthy sex life I just never log it this is just show what day it happened