Disrespectful 5 year old 😩

Firstly a bit of background, my son’s dad is an abuser, he abused me emotionally and physically, and controlled every aspect of my life.

My son started showing signs of emotional abuse end of last year, after visits with dad. I stopped unsupervised contact due to my son telling me things that were worrying to hear about his dads behaviours.

We ended up going through court and his dad now sees him 2 days a week 12-6pm (no overnight stays) since contact has restarted, my son speaks to me like a piece of dirt, full on attitude, bossing me around, just being generally rude, when he was such a nice polite boy beforehand. His temper is shocking at the moment, punching things, throwing toys, breaking them 😩

I feel I’m seeing his dad right through it all, I’m so worried he is mimicking his dads behaviours and ends up being exactly like him 😔

My son worships the ground his dad walks on and is starting to take a disliking to me, he wants daddy all the time. Asks to stay over all the time even though courts won’t allow it, I think his dad is manipulating his mind against me😩

What on earth do I do???? Im struggling!!