Advice ASAP please!!

Chloe • Isla-Mai 12/2/20💗

Hey girls

Please help me as I’m struggling massively.

Please bare with me as this may be all over the place.

So I have a 18 month old little girl who’s disabled. She can’t walk crawl or sit unattended for too long.

She has parts of her brain not functioning so she’s equivalent to a 6-7 Month old.

Lately she’s been screaming and loss of interests in everything. She hates leaving me now (could be separation anxiety). She doesn’t want to play with toys. Watch films. Don’t want to do messy play. Not interested in animals as we tried an aquarium and she wasn’t interested. She hates water so can’t go swimming. She doesn’t want to do anything but sit in her special needs chair and that’s it. She’s gone off her foods. She used to love sitting in her sit me up but now hates it and I’m struggling on ideas on what to do. She’s been turning and hitting me and herself.

We are currently trying to get her tested for RETT syndrome.

There’s no where to walk to either as she can’t do nothing at the park.

I’m struggling with her behaviour and on ideas as it can be very draining. I tried talking to my HV but doesn’t seem to be an interest.

Please don’t judge me just need ideas or advice. 😞😞