I'm so sorry but I have to vent!!

I am so happy for everyone who is pregnant, or has had their baby!!!i love coming on glow and looking to see who got their BFP!! It makes me so excited and happy for everyone!  I have 3 girls of my own! But my husband and I have been trying for another one for 14 months and I cant seem to get pregnant... I do have pcos but I had that and was still able to have my girls.. It seems that every one I know is pregnant right now and I just found out one of my friends, who didn't even want kids, is pregnant.. I'm happy for them, but I'm bitter as well. And I don't want to be bitter.. I'm not that kind of person, but it's so frustrating when you want something so bad and it seems like everyone else around you is getting it and you can't have it... Sorry, had to rant! I'm usually so positive but this news today just put me over the edge..