Low-grade fever pregnancy sign?


Hi ladies! This is my first cycle TTC 💕 period is due in 4 days. My ovulation days this month was the 16th-22, with the 18th-19th being my highest chance. We got busy starting the 14th (as I’ve read should do it about 3 days prior to ovulation), and then almost daily until the 19th. About a week after that, my nipples have become super sore, I’ve been waking up around 5 am because I HAVE to pee (which is not normal for me), and starting Tuesday of this week (27th) I’ve noticed I had a low grade fever of 99.2-99.4 which I normally run about 97-98.2. I have no symptoms of being sick, I took a covid test just to be safe, but literally no sick-like symptoms besides running a smidge warm. Obviously I googled if this was a “thing” or a pregnancy symptom prior to a missed period and got lots of mixed info.

So essentially I am wondering if anyone else experienced this before they missed their period???

Thank you 🥰