‘You have no friends’

When/if someone says that to you it’s a huge insult. It means your are not likeable or there is something wrong with you. I was making dinner for my husband and daughter and my mom blurts out ‘you have no friends.’ First of all I think for the most part, people choose whether to have friends and the level of friendship they can have in their life at any given stage. I am a quality over quantity person. I’m not in high school either. I’m in my 30’s with a 3 year old, one more on the way, a husband, a full time job and grad school. Also, last time I checked we are in a pandemic? I think virtual friendships are underrated, especially in certain generations. Do I have friends I physically see on a regular basis? No. I am more focused on my family and my daughter and making sure her social needs are met at this time. I connect with family and ‘friends’ via Facebook etc. I don’t feel lonely, I feel like I have a more than full life. Who is she to judge? Last time I checked she doesn’t have many friends… maybe she’s projecting. But it still hurt coming from my own mom. I wonder why I even call her a mom sometimes. Thanks for reading