Break up and Depression


A couple days ago I txted my bf goodmorning he replied back a couple min saying how late is was and that was all. For the next 3+ hrs I got no reply, and I started getting worried cus that's not normal for us and then I got a txt saying that he was asleep. He ended up missing work and just staying asleep so I told him he should of told me I was worried since he has to walk to work and thus is something I've told him before that I want to know when he's home or at work for that reason. So that conversation turned to an argument which we've already talked about in the past we stopped talking until the next afternoon. He told me he needed space to think and then again we stopped talking until this morning we were kind of talking and again he told me that he needed some space, that he loved me and would always love me but he needed space. And as hard as it was I said my goodbyes I told him I could wait for him to want to be with me. He said we could still talk and txt just not see each other. And I said I couldn't do that I didn't think it was fair that I was the one hurting for so long and he was the one pushing me away. I feel so empty inside. I cant catch my breath I can't