Natural en caul birth 😍


Our sweet Isaac Charles was born on July 30th around 11:30pm.

After taking an afternoon nap, I woke up to some light contractions around 4:30. I didn’t think much of it because I’d been having a few contractions every day for a week. But when I noticed they weren’t letting up by the time we left for dinner around 6, I decided to throw my hospital bag in the car, just in case.

We made it to my in laws for dinner and I started timing contractions at 7:15. By 8:15, I had had 13 contractions already within the hour. We decided to go to the hospital (5 minutes away) and get checked out as this is my second baby. My first was also born naturally, in the same room, at the same hospital.

We checked into the “nature room” equipped with wireless monitors, a birth ball, a tub to labor in, etc. The midwife monitored us for an hour and we were having this baby that night! The contractions kept getting closer together. She filled up the tub while my husband and I walked the very small ward. It felt like they were coming in every 2 minutes by that point.

Into the tub I went, which was so nice. I rested between each intense contraction, getting through the intensity by focusing on my breathing, doing “horse lips”, and making low sounds as I exhaled. My husband was right there the whole way. I could feel baby moving around as if he were wiggling into position. I could feel through one contraction that I’d definitely have to push during the next one.

Out of the tub I went, and onto the big bed. I immediately laid down on my side, pulling my top leg up towards me and pushing down with my bottom leg. (Nothing like my first, where I gave birth in a squatting position.) My midwife checked me and confirmed that I was fully dilated, and to push as needed. I pushed for 7 minutes, feeling baby move down every step of the way.

The head was out! Such a huge relief. I had to push a few more times to get the body out, since baby had his little arms crossed across his chest, and… he was born completely en caul! 😍 It wasn’t until my midwives announced it that I realized my water hadn’t broken during labor. His cord was wrapped twice around his neck, so it had to be cut more quickly than normal, but baby boy did AMAZINGLY.

We enjoyed 2 hours of skin to skin directly following the delivery before they administered a few tests and transferred us to our room.

Over the moon to add this beautiful boy to our little family. My 2.5yo son met him this afternoon and it was perfect. ❤️