Discord group? (Please Delete if not allowed!!)

Giana • Join our Discord Server for teen/young parents! (Link below) Mom to an amazing little girl with #2 on the way!

Hey guys!! I have a teen parent discord group if anyone wants to join it! We do require verification that you're a parent to keep out creeps and pedos though for the full group, but it does not have to be a violation of privacy. (No personal info, and do not have to show faces! Privacy and safety is our #1 concern.) If you don't wanna verify at all, that's fine, we understand and have a Visitor Chat set up for those people!

We have support channels, age-related kiddo channels, regular chat channels, miscellaneous channels, and more!

Our group is 100% judgement free and we make sure to have a family-like environment to make everyone feel welcome. We also do movie nights every once in a while!!

If you'd like to join us, here's the link!! If you have questions, ask us in the group's visitor-chat!! ❤️

(Make sure to have a verified email and discord account or the invite will not work.)


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