TW pregnancy loss questions


So today I started bleeding at 4weeks 2days, missed period was Wednesday as was my first positive. I have not had a loss (knowingly) before and not sure what to expect. I have not had any cramping or anything. I am bleeding heavily, just not as heavy as my last three periods, I am guessing this can change tomorrow. I thought it would have been worse? But maybe because it is still so early it isn't, and is just like a regular period (although I usually cramp more)? I am waiting on blood work results after an appointment and early scan to check tubes yesterday. They did mention seeing unknown fluid, but didn't specify and a small fibroid which they said wasn't anything to worry about, my lining looked good for pregnancy but no sack because of timing. I thought I would cramp more. Also, can I safely use tampons, because I started my vacation with a loss, yay me? Sorry if these questions sound silly. I just don't know what to expect. This has obviously not been a great time. Once we got pregnant with our two boys the pregnancies were pretty typical, so this is new for us. Any words of advice and what to expect?