Hi Everyone!


I all! I am very excited to be back in a group after taking a year off! We have been through the ringer with issues over the past few years, but I am excited to share things are looking positive with our last remaining embryo after FET on the 23rd! My beta is on Tuesday. We have never had any positive results with 3 IUIs, 1 fresh and one other FET! We have had at least 6 miscarriages naturally unfortunately. 4 chemical, 1 partial molar twin pregnancy, and an ectopic where I lost my left tube. We also lost one embryo that didn’t survive the thaw. The only change for this cycle was that I had an ERA done in April that let us know I need 28 hours more progesterone to help with implantation success.

As far as signs or things that make me Google like a crazy person…I have had a tiny bit of spotting 5dp5dt, slight positive 6dp, no spotting til 8dp… and the spotting TMI just happens a bit after a BM as I have been a bit bound up with the progesterone. I have also had a little bit of a ache or slight cramps on my lower left abdomen near my left hip.

Has anyone had similar symptoms and been successful? What do you guys think of the line progression? Sorry I am very nervous!!!