Sleep schedule question


Hey mommas,

For anyone whose babies are on some type of sleep schedule, do you wake them up every day in the morning at a set time.

My girl goes to sleep between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm every night. This is her bedtime that she chose essentially lol. She wakes up 1x or 2x a night for a feed, but lately she’s been sleeping in later and later. For example, today it’s now 8:15 am and she’s still in bed. Before, we couldn’t get her to stay in bed last 6:30 am so this is actually a big change that’s been happening for the past like 4 days.

I’ve had things to do first thing in the morning so I’ve had to wake her up. But on days I don’t, should I still continue to get her up? Do you guys let them sleep? Whenever we’ve woken her up she’s still in a good mood.