Help mamas need advice


I have been going through the motions this past month. I just had a baby boy may 9 2021 via c section. I had complicated birth after 😭. But it seems like my boyfriend and i been having so many arguments about the same thing and i just shut down and don’t wanna be bothered. I tell him to leave me alone. So, yesterday i mentioned like i need a like a little break he said “why you need a break it’s only been two months he’s not even three months old yet you wanna go out and give our son corona?” So, this when i shut down and don’t say anything. ( while i was in the hospital he had to step up cause i really couldn’t do anything cause i spiked a fever and then like a week later had to back the hospital because i had fluid build up in my

Lungs and in my body due to the doctors pumping me with iv fluids since May 6.) As i am telling him this I’m crying then he brings the things he had to while i was outta commission. This is hurting me so bad because he doesn’t understand what I’m going through.