Baby’s Room


Help, what did you do for baby #2s room, especially if same gender??

I’m due in October with baby boy #2 and we are starting to get together baby’s room (which used to be my first sons room). We moved my first son into a bigger room with a big boy bed and all that so we just left the nursery as is complete with space decorations/wall decals and matching crib sheets etc.

Husband and I are planning to keep the nursery basically as is for the new baby since it’s another boy... but I’m starting to feel guilty about not changing it for the new baby. Like obviously he won’t know or care. It’s nice to save the money and not have to buy everything over since it’s another boy but I think I’m feeling that way about the clothes too. Hes probably going to have lots of hand me downs from big brother but I just want him to have his own special stuff too. I’ve started buying some new baby clothes so absolutely everything isn’t a hand me down and I’m wondering if I should redo the room too. (More just to make myself feel better about it I guess 😂 idk).

What did you guys do?