Why do I crave a physical connection this bad? 😩

We've been going on dates exclusively for at least 5 months and he has been taking his time with me in terms of a physical connection. We've gone on 5 dates and a few video chats in between. But because of our busy schedules, we can only manage to see each other once every 2 weeks. We emotionally vibe so well that we giggle a ton and have a great time talking with each other. We almost held hands for the first time the last time we saw each other in person after we finally confessed that we both liked each other and haven't been seeing anyone else.

Never had a romantic connection like this before where we took our sweet time in the physical connection department. My past boyfriends always rushed the physical aspect with me and jumped into a relationship so fast.

I love his respect and pace with me but I'm literally dying to be physically affectionate: hold his hand, kiss, and cuddle after hearing that we both have feelings for each other. Why am I like this 😩 I've always prioritized an emotional connection over physical with past boyfriends, but also never waited THIS long to have a physical connection with someone I genuinely liked. HELP