anyone get upset you don’t get your period every month?

so staring feb 2020 my periods started to just become very irregular and i’m sure it’s because i took my birth control pill for 5 days and stopped it. why? who the heck knows. i’m upset at myself now for that.

well in october/november my periods became very regular just not always on the same days. it would go from 21 to 25 to 27 but i also noticed my cycles were 32 days even though they weren’t on the day same. in may of this year i got my period but i didn’t in june and july until today august 2nd. I’m upset that i didn’t get my period when i was supposed to after May.

like AF just come on time, it’s not that hard 😂😂😂

i think i was just really stressed out about moving that now i’m just not because i literally move tomorrow and i got my period today.