Stressing out

I know stress is bad for the baby, but I’m like freaking out right now. My friend was supposed to watch my son when I get induced next week but she thinks she might have COVID and is going to go get tested today. If she can’t watch him, my kids’ father might miss the birth of this one just like he missed the first one due to COVID restrictions. I’ve tried asking my family but they are USELESS, my mom is more worried about finding someone to watch her cat than just to put him in a kennel for a couple days even though I literally need her to watch her grandson. I asked my aunt and she’s giving me every excuse in the book and at this point I’m just done asking. I hate this and I’m worried he’s gonna come early because my doctor thinks I might not make it to my induction date and if he comes early I might not even make it to the hospital in time due to the fact my last labor progressed so quickly. Sorry for the rant, I just had to get this off my chest.