Depo-Provera vs Nuvaring

I got one Depo shot this summer. I didn't get the next one bc I didn't plan on being sexually active for awhile. Now, I'm in a relationship again and want to go back on birth control. However, I'm not sure I want to get the depo shot again. While on it, I had periods that usually lasted about 3 weeks. These came about every two weeks. They were pretty light though, so I couldn't wear a tampon but heavy enough where I had to wear pads, not a liner. So as you can guess, this was incredibly inconvenient. I won't have sex while on my period so there's hardly any point to be on it if I'm not able to have sex bc of the frequent periods. This is why I'm considering the Nuvaring. I've heard it makes your periods highly predictable and regular. Because of the shot, my periods are now frequent, long and irregular since I'm off it. They were regular prior to receiving the shot. My only fears with the ring is my boyfriend feeling it while fingering me or during intercourse. I am also not sure it's as effective as depo. My boyfriend wants to have sex without a condom and cum inside me (he's a virgin, so I would like to be able to give him that intimate experience, plus I have only had sex once and that was with a condom so I wouldn't mind experiencing that either). I just worry it's not safe not to use a condom along with the ring. Maybe that's just paranoia though. What are your opinions? I know the medical risks with the hormones so please don't mention those 😌