Symptoms?? Newbie alert!

I have just recently started to try and get prego. Following another app I have it started since I was on my period on the 19th of November my ovulation date was the 29th... True or not I had sex everyday from the 27th-30th. Of course since I have just recently started trying I am overly excited!! 
The symptoms I'm having include;
Very very sore boobs
Overly tired and exhausted 
No motivation 
And crazy mood swings
Now I'm not saying I am prego or not I was just looking for some opinions. I have tested probably way more than I should have by now because again I'm excited... All negative.. Not even a little line... I moved recently as well and the people I have talked to think the move may be causing all this but I think it's kinda odd. Again I'm not due for my period until December 19th but still... Opinions??? Any advice would be helpful.