Pro Vaccination and anti vaccination

I know I am definitely pro vaccinations , just being in the medical field and seeing people suffer from dieseases, why wouldn't you protect yourself and your children and others from horrible, highly contagious diseases. I am due in July with my third and I have never been more afraid of my little one contracting measles, whopping cough, etc. Due to the rise in parents not vaccinating there children. I've seen many people make the excuse of "well if vaccines work so great then why are you worried?" Well, for one my LO will not be able to get the mmr vaccine until 12 months of age so he/she will be very vulnerable and could die if contracted with measles. I could go on forever, Disneyland for example, and I know someone is going to say it so I'll beat you to it  "my kid could become autistic" crap...which has not been proven. Or " my child could die from that poison!" Yes there is a small chance that death can result from the vaccinations but there is a higher risk that your kid could die from one of the dieseases they prevent or you could be the cause of someone else's child dying, and go!