Nostalgic 😢

Mrunali • Hi! In a relationship n not trying to conceive!
Lately,I feel like my boyfriend has lost his interest in me.Yesterday I got a job in good company.I was very happy. I called him to tell the good news.He dint answer the call nor has texted me.I feel so bad as i wanted to tell him this first.Nowadays he doesn't even texts me or calls me that often.Its me only texting and he just replies Gm,Gn. I'm really depressed,i tried talking to him but he dint show up.I went to gynaecologist for routine checkup.I told him I got upgraded with lots of good position for sex knowledge.he replied me "that's good". I felt stupid that time.He's being very ignorant lately.How should i be and deal with this? Talking to him is also not working.Can anyone help me please..