AITA or is he?


So tonight was my first night out in 20 months for a girls night. Literally never get away. It was low-key dinner I had 2 drinks.

Husband told me he would get up with the kids at night (he hasn't done this in around 12 months.) I had it all set up for his evening considering I am the one to put the kids to bed and do dinner and everything. I left them dinner and had pajamas layed out before leaving.

I get home and pump. Go to crawl into bed and he put the baby's bassinet on my side. Baby has health issues so normally sleeps in my arms (hence needing a night off.) I had to move the bassinet to get into bed. Baby wakes up. Husband doesn't move. I then heat up bottle and change Baby. Now I'm heated and Husband wakes up. I snap at him saying "why is the baby on my side if you were going to get up?" Then I turned the light on. He doesn't move. So I change Baby two more times and feed two bottles and Husband is snoring now. I'm pissed. Now when I fall asleep I will have to get up as my boobs will be full.

I was promised a night out I was promised he'd take care of things and I am just let down all the time. I don't even take him for his word I feel so unloved and so disrespected.

I wouldn't have gone out tonight if he was going to do this I don't have the energy to take care of my baby with health issues on the little sleep I was barely getting to start with. Tomorrow he is going to say I'm too angry and being rude. Whose at fault?