Unexpected baby #3 due!

Emily β€’ Mummy to my gorgeous boy πŸ’™ 24/8/18, beautiful baby girl πŸ’– 30/03/20, and another gorgeous boy πŸ’š 15/4/22 πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ UK

We have 2 children, a boy born in 2018 and a girl born 2020 and we both agreed we didn't really want anymore as 2 for us has been a handful - although it was tough having a baby during covid so that probably made it harder.

I jokingly said to my husband that my period was late and I should take a test, I thought it's because my daughter was breastfeeding more than usual and it's caused me go go out of sync, but I found an old test in the cupboard and did it amongst the chaos of the morning potty/nappy/getting kids dressed routine and left it on the side. My husband yelled out "the other word better be loading on this thing" and to our shock it said pregnant!!

We were in disbelief, so I got another test but that one came back with the same result...so it looks like baby #3 is on the way!

We are over the initial shock of it and coming to terms with being a family of 5...we will need a car that fits 3 car seats, potentially a bigger house or an extension...and maybe to grow an extra pair of hands?!

Wasn't prepared for another baby but everything happens for a reason as they say! Anyone else going through similar?! I've told all my friends and family we were done, I've even sold all my baby things! Going to have to start all over!