Good Deal for Private Gender Scan?

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There aren't any places super close by to us. The nearest one is almost an hour away. But I told my boyfriend it would be a cute Christmas present to not only each other but to our families as well to find out what we were having before Christmas (since my doctors aren't doing one until after the new year).
It costs $95 and the scan itself is 10-15 minutes long and you get a CD of all the pictures in both black and white and color as well as printed thermal ones and a "free goodie bag" (which I'm not sure what's included in that as it didn't say) it's a 3D/4D scan by the way not just a normal 2D one. Idk if that matters 
The only thing is that the weekend before Christmas I'll be exactly 17 weeks and they don't guarantee the gender until at least 18 of the baby is even cooperative and giving a good view. 
I mean either way I'd love to see my baby since I haven't seen the little thing since 9 weeks and I'm curious to see how much it's grown. But I guess my questions are do you think that's a good deal (travel time included) and if you had a scan done earlier than your doctors planned and less than 18 weeks were they able to see the gender? Were they correct?