Girl symptoms ! 💕💗

I had absolutely no "girl symptoms" this is my first pregnancy, so I was stuck believing if you are having a girl your baby will sit high in your stomach. (❌). My doctor said my child would probably be a boy because of the fast heart rate. (❌).
 I also believed that morning sickness would be the death of me if I was having a girl. (❌). & heartburn would go hand & hand with morning sickness. (❌). & to top it off  My best friend who is also pregnant with her first child, due a month before me knew she was pregnant with a girl & she went through allll of that.
But me... I had no "girl symptoms" at all ! So last week when my mother & I went to the doctor we just KNEW my child was going to be a boy.🤔  
When the doctor revealed her gender we couldn't believe it. We had a baby girl on the way! 🎀😩😍