Loan payment

Do y’all know what happens if I don’t pay back a $800 speedy cash loan. Will it go to collections or will I go to jail or court. 😕 I’m in TX

They ran my credit n got my ssn but I checked credit karma and there’s nothing on there. If it goes to collections can I just dispute it.

So my payments every 2 weeks are $210 and I payed $50 when I first got the loan and last week I payed $160 the day before my due date and my amount didn’t go down they said because it’s a Pay day loan so basically I have to pay at least $230 every time for it to go down.. 😣

Lol I knew I could pay it back they said I would have to pay $210 not $230 my amount isn’t even going down. They never said anything about that.

3k wtfff i do not have this type of money ☠️☠️