is my boyfriend overreacting to this?

my boyfriend and i have been friends for almost two years but have been dating for 6 months. he's great but he does have a decent amount of insecurity issues (for background). today, i went to go visit my friend and her boyfriend about an hour away, and i used to date a guy who lived down the street from my friend's boyfriend. i was on facetime with my boyfriend in the car, and as i pulled up, my friend's boyfriend yelled "what are you here to see your boyfriend??" jokingly through my window and i was like "who" and he said my ex. my ex moved months ago so it was very clearly a joke as he lives across the country now. my boyfriend knows of my ex and knows he used to live down the street. my friend's bf just likes to tease me. my boyfriend hung up immediately after hearing that. i called him back and he ignored my calls. i texted him apologizing and explaining the joke, and he responded like two hours saying it's fine (it clearly isn't). it's been about 4 hours and he's still responding to my texts but he's being very short. i asked him if he was upset and he said no (this is a lie, i can tell). he has a history of getting very upset over these kinds of things but i don't know how to fix the situation. should this actually be a big deal? what should i do?