Maternity Leave Advice


I need some help, my due date is nearing (November 1st) and I’m worried about my finances.

Just a little backstory, I previously worked 2 jobs but used one as my main source of income and the second to save. In January I lost my main job due to the pandemic which left me distraught and depressed. I had money saved to cover 3 months of my bills and still worked my part time job but once that money was gone I was left stuck. I found a job but the pay is no where near what I was previously making which has caused a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and a debt I can’t seem to break from.

Enter me finding out I was almost 20 weeks pregnant at my routine GYNO appointment and the panic really set in. I still had periods, lighter and shorter than usual but they still came on time like clockwork so I didn’t think anything of it and I wasn’t showing so shock and fear was my only response. I felt like this year was doing me in.

I have no room to save and now thinking I need to work through my maternity leave just to provide for my home. If I’m barely making it with the full income how can I do anything with half my pay for 12 weeks? I’m now thinking I could apply for an overnight job while on maternity leave so I can still be available during the day. Does anyone have any advice as to other options I may have? On top of it all of this I start school next semester to finish my marketing/hr degree so it’s a lot but I’m trying.

Also if you’re wondering well where is the father in all of this, he was put out of my house due to infidelity. His response was to not help with anything since he can’t be in the home anymore.