How common are back 2 back missed miscarriage?



So I’ll begin from last November, I had two very early scans one at 5w4d where they seen nothing at all so we ended up having beta drawn, then back 2 days later for another draw which it had more than doubled and they ended up booking me back for a scan a week later when I would of been 6+4 they see the sac on that one and I was measuring 5+2

Fast forward to December I went for a private scan I would of been 9+1 but baby measured at 7+3 and had no heartbeat, they asked if it was possible I was earlier than expected and I explained that if I was it was only by a week and 2 days not nearly 2 weeks and they told me I have had a missed miscarriage. I then had to go hospital to have it confirmed which they did and I went on my way to pass my baby naturally, come 4 weeks later still nothing so I was forced to have the hospital intervene as it was too heartbreaking to think I should of been going for my 12w scan and start announcing my pregnancy.

We began trying again in April after a few months healing and we caught pregnant last month🥰 but I’m 7w4d now got a scan booked for next Sunday at 8w5d and I’m so so scared that it’ll be the same outcome😪

I’m so between not feeling ready to go for a scan for if I’m told there’s no heartbeat again and wanting it to hurry up so I can see baby is okay and then I can announce the pregnancy to family members as I can’t put off not seeing anyone much longer because I have terrible morning sickness.

Are back 2 back missed miscarriages common? Have I got the right to worry and panic like I am or am I just being stupid?