I have to share this with you all!!

Lola • Lucky Momma Bear 🤰🏾🥰🤗

Okay sooo before I found out I was pregnant two days before to be exact my man and I went out on the town as I had some family in town. So as we are wrapping up the night it’s late and we all decide that we are hungry but no one wants to stop or get out so he decided he would cook for us everyone wanted scrambled eggs and he know I do not like scrambled eggs I normally eat the boiled or over medium. So I asked him did he know how I wanted my eggs and he took a few guesses I told him no I would like them fertilized come to find out two days later he fertilized them for sure. 😂🤰🏾I am currently 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I guess the universe was giving me a sign !!