Prayers needed-lost one twin

T. • High risk pregnancy with baby #1, trying to keep my angel baby!
Hi glow community. I have been logging my journey on glow for a long time now. I started with just logging my own ttc with no assistance then went to logging my infertility journey using medications suffering one miscarriage. Ive happily been pregnant via <a href="">IUI</a> and meds for 4 months. It hasn't been easy due to multiple large fibroids but never the less I was so happy. Getting passed everyday was a huge milestone and getting passed my 1st trimester was a huge victory. Well over the weekend my water broke with one twin. Its a long strory but that twin died and now i have one unharmed twin. Ive been having contractions but I am not in labor however the biggest threat right now is to not go in to labor. Thats the only thing that will save my baby. This is a rare situation I am told. People do go on to have one twin but in other situations the water may not have broken. I need prayers. My husband, family and I are devastated. We dont understand why we were given such a blessing to turn out like this. We need a MIRACLE!!