Ok ladies ready for a laugh? So I’m 9weeks pregnant with baby #2.

Last week I went & had a past life regression done & in the regression the Philippines came up. Very weird but when I woke up & the lady told me about it first thing that came to my mind was my spiritual guides must be telling me he’s cheating on me with the women who lives in the Philippines again.

Well when I got out of the regression I was so tempted to ask him about it but I didn’t so we wouldn’t argue. Finally I waited & this morning I went to look for double A batteries & found a phone. I look at the phone & right when I look the women from the Philippines is calling him. I didn’t pick up but decided to look through the phone. I don’t know how by the grace of God I guessed the password & boom I was in.

Come to find out this man was talking to her, another women from his past, paying women to come to our house to have sex with them etc. I confronted him guess what? He fought me to snatch the phone out of my hand & when he finally got it he broke the phone into pieces right in his hand.

Ladies that’s a cheater at it’s finest. All I was asking for was for him to admit it & he decided to lay hands on me for the first time & break the phone.

Needless to say tomorrow this mama will move out & have her baby on her own 🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏾