Bug bites

So for the past month or so my toddler has been getting really bad bug bites. At first we thought maybe it was a spider bite . But since he’s getting them so frequently and just by walking or only being out for a few minutes we now think they are mosquitoe bites. We asked about the bite marks at his wcc , but got off topic and the doctor never really gave us an answer as to what to do. But we know the cycle now. He gets a bit few hours later it swells up to almost the size of a quarter. A day later it oozes. Day later it’s a big scab. And the scab takes over a week to go away . And they itch him a lot. I try to calm the itching but it doesn’t fully take it away. I feel like he is allergic to it but not sure what the doctor would be able to do for him or how o prevent him from getting bit. Also I have 2 different types of organic bug spray for him , I also have the brand OFF spray and I tried the Johnson’s &johnsons green bottle of lotion ( heard that repels mosquitoes)

The pictures are a day after oozing.