Post partum pain and slow healing


Has anyone else had a really hard time physically recovering from birth? My baby was born vaginally on 7/21 after induction and a long labor. I wound up with a third degree tear and they spent an hour stitching me up after the birth. I’ve still been having a lot of internal pain and pressure (feels like the ring of fire all over again) along with breakthrough bleeding so I went in for an early post partum check up and apparently my internal stitches are still intact/healing is going slower than normal (per my MD). I was prescribed lidocaine gel and estradiol cream to help with pain and healing but I’m starting to feel like I’m never going to feel normal again. Even just getting up to change my baby’s diaper causes feelings of heaviness and pressure and I’m confined to the second floor of our house because the stairs also seem to make things worse, even if I limit my trips up and down. I’m seeing other people who delivered vaginally around the same time as me going out and exercising already and I can barely stand in the shower for longer than 5-10 minutes or sit up to pump without pain - the only time I’m not in pain/discomfort is when I’m laying down on my back in bed. I guess I’m just looking for someone who has gone through this and come out on the other side to reassure me that I’ll be healed up soon and able to actually enjoy the rest of my son’s newborn stage without worrying about my own healing.