What do I do?

I need serious advice, my mom and I have never had the best relationship. I’m 24 and my partner is 25. I’ve been with my partner a few years now and my mom has never liked him. Has always been rude to him to the day she met him. My entire family gets a long with him except her. He has tried his best to have her like him but she won’t have it. I got pregnant last year and my mom made my entire pregnancy a living hell, she kept wanting me to leave him.. but I stood by my partner. Fast forward to now, since my daughter has been born my mom doesn’t want to visit her granddaughter unless I bring her to my moms house by myself. Makes my partner uncomfortable. I’ve gotten into a few arguments with her because she said she’ll do everything she can to ruin our relationship. She post things on WhatsApp that my whole entire family sees talking bad about my partner. She recently hacked into my account to erase photos of my partner and I. I communicated with my mom and told her this is really effecting me emotionally. But she doesn’t care and continues to be extremely messed up to my partner. My boyfriend said he doesn’t care, but I know deep down it bothers him and I’m afraid of my mom pushing him away to the point he no longer wants this family. I’m not on speaking terms with my mother at the moment.