My little man


Well my little one started trying to come at 28 weeks and we were able to keep him in until 34w2d. Waters had broke and little one was head down as low as he could get without crowning. All was looking okay for vaginal delivery until things started picking up and all the sudden he turned to feet down! (Extremely rare for this to happen.)😲 Since we weren't sure what position he would end up in and waters had already broke, now for the second time, plus he was measuring small they had to do a c-section. Which had me an emotional wreck! But he was born at 2:57am on Aug 21st weighing 4lbs 11oz. He's doing great for being so early. The biggest concern right now is they believe he has Down Syndrome. We are counting our blessings and thanking the Lord that he is doing well all things considered.