Hi so I’m 28 weeks. I went to the hospital this morning because I had Braxton Hicks contractions pretty much all night and could not sleep because of the cramping.They checked my cervix and it wasn’t dilated, so they ran some tests for infections and stuff and put me on an IV. After a couple of hours, they checked my cervix again and I still hadn’t dilated so they advised I was likely dehydrated and wanted me to try and get as close to a gallon a day of water as possible without getting sick. It made sense and after fluids, my contractions spaced out from when I had first got there. But now I’m home, and I’m still scared because like even though they’re not as intense as last night and this morning, I’m still having contractions and it’s driving me nuts! I see my OB on Tuesday, but has anyone else had an experience with false labor?