Signs of postpartum depression?

Occasionally I’ve been finding myself have thoughts of “ was having a second child a good idea” and wondering if I’m truly enjoying this time around as much as I did with my first. Also the pressure of being able to do everything or live up to what other moms are doing. I feel absolutely horrible for having these thoughts and end up crying because of the guilt . I love my new baby but some days are so draining with a toddler and newborn. My boy is 4 weeks and I feel like I don’t really have any moments during his awake windows where he is happy . He’s crying a lot from gas/over tiredness and nothingI’m doing is working. It’s so different than my first who was such a chill baby. And I hate the feeling of wanting to pass him over to

Someone else so I can get a break . Anyways I’m just not sure if this is a sign or not. Or if anyone else is having similar thoughts?