Mil gaslighting

Anyone hasn't seen the post I made on my shitty MIL, I'll leave a screenshot of the text I posted on that post just so you can see what my husband deals with. We are 17 and have a son together. I got pregnant at 16 and we married. His mother is a horrible selfish women who has done nothing but abuse, manipulate, gaslight, and tear my poor husband down. She's the reason he's getting therapy. Honestly my mom calls his mom mother gothel. My husband has her blocked but he can still get voicemails from her. This what she pretty much said to him:

Reese you need to fucking call me. You thunk you're fucking grown now. You're nothing without me and you need me. I'm sick of you making me out to be the bad guy when I've done nothing wrong. You just want someone to blame and can't admit you're the problem. You need help Reese. You think Megan is gonna stay by your side. Shes a slut you knocked up. The fact that you were only able to get a wife by knocking someone up says a lot. She will find someone better and leave you and take your son. And when you're all alone I won't be there. You'll have no one. So keep ignoring your mom and see where you end up!

She doesn't know how to stop. She is just trying to break him

This is the last time at conversation they had. I posted it before but if you haven't seen it this is what he deals with