What does it mean? Plz help.


Here’s the backstory. I was attracted to my brothers friend, and I found out he was attracted to me on my 17th birthday. He’s 21. (I know this sounds bad because of our age difference but nothing sexual happened. We were very innocent throughout the entire thing) anyways, we continued talking with each other for about 3 months. We would text every night, he would text me first thing in the morning and I was the last thing before he went to sleep. We would flirt with each other and when we got the chance he would hug me. He was very respectful and made me feel safe and secure. However, it was kind of weird because he was allowed to be all cute and loving, but when I tried to show affection to him he would tell me not to??? He would allow me to show affection sometimes. Everything was fine until he said we should no longer talk because he was an adult and I am a minor. So I told him okay. But during it I was heartbroken because I liked him so much I didn’t want to stop. A month goes by, and he reached out to me saying that he missed me and I was all he can think about. I started crying and told him I felt the exact same way. We talked all night, and admitted to each other that we liked each other. We talked about how we were going to wait until I was old enough to start dating (not once I reached 18, I told him I wasn’t ready to start dating right as I turned 18. He agreed) and talked about how we were going to get married and live a happy life together. He’s told me that he wanted me, and all he wanted for me was to feel secure. A week later however, he told me again for the second time that we should stop talking because there was a lot of misunderstandings and he wanted to get to know me in person, not through text. I agreed and we stopped talking. A month later, I still can’t stop thinking about him so I reached out telling him I missed him and that I want to continue talking. I thought he would feel the same, but he told me that he didn’t miss me. That we had no chemistry, and that I’m not potential in his life anymore. We broke things off a month ago. I still ache for him and I wish I was in his arms. None of this makes any sense!! How can he tell me that I was the one for him and that he was going to never let me go only to tell me that he’s over me in a month. PLZ LET ME KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!!!