Our Secret Miracle


I can't really tell anyone so I thought I'd post this here.

We know this will be our last pregnancy so we decided to have a little fun. I'll be working from home because of COVID until at least the end of the year. We're not really seeing anyone because one of my daughters (18 months) has some health issues so we're isolating a lot. So we're not telling anyone except our parents, HR at 7 months, and maybe my best friend (still undecided) about this pregnancy until we post picture with babies in hand on their birthday.

So anyway we're having twins and twin B measured a week behind in the first ultrasound (6 wks) In the second ultrasound twin B was two weeks behind (8 wks). Most of us know what that means for the pregnancy. We were very sad and scared.

Well at the latest ultrasound (almost 12 wks) twin B caught up and is exactly the same size as Twin A. We're so happy and feel like we've experienced a miracle. I'm so excited and hopeful now. 😊😍

Anyway, thanks for reading my news πŸ™‚