I need some advice?!


I plan to mention it again to my dr but wanted to get some thoughts.

I got pregnant in 2008 and had an early miscarriage, I was young it was my first. I then got pregnant in 2009 and was placed on progesterone suppositories by that dr. I had only had one mc at that time but he still put me on them.

I then got pregnant in July 2015 and had a blighted ovum.

Got pregnant again in October of 2015 and was placed on progesterone suppositories again by that dr.

Fast forward to 2017 I got pregnant with my now 3 year old and that drs office said that there was no need to be placed on progesterone, that my levels had never been checked and the other drs were simply placing me on it without knowing I needed it. That pregnancy was successful.

Now I got pregnant in May and had a chemical in June. I’m currently pregnant again and the dr I’m seeing won’t entertain the idea of my going on progesterone. It’s truly aggravating that she won’t but her theory is I had a successful pregnancy just 3 years ago.

Would you personally push to be put on progesterone if you had two pregnancy that you used it and only one that you didn’t?