I use to love going to the zoo, now I think it's terrible!

I use to love zoos and aquariums BUT now I have my own children recently I have been feeling different.

For one, aquariums are more like little swimming pools. Big fish and dolphins etc should be in their natural habitat.

Zoos are a major concern. I understand some animals are at risk of extinction or being killed but seriously how can a lion have a tiny place in a zoo??? How can penguins have a little pool?? How can elephants have a place called home that's the size of my house?? It's so sad but I'm here for saving animals and yes some zoos are great for this. BUT a lot of it is for money and the way these animals are kept and the space they have is terrible. What's your thoughts?

- in the uk we have a small country as it is. Some of our zoos are tiny and it's sad to see animals in small habitats