What would you do? (update)

I'm 15 months postpartum with no period, yes I am still breastfeeding. I am not exclusively breastfeeding anymore and she does eat food and drink liquids other than breastmilk.

I havent had a period only spotting which has become more regular the past few months. Every 30 days I get spotting just light spotting that lasts 3 days at max. I have had at least 3-4 chemical pregnancies this past 7-8 months. The last one occurring in July and I am pretty sure I am currently having one.

I have taken about 50+ tests this past week and few days from internet cheapies to first response and clearblue(red dye). I have gotten lines on all of them that did not progress much in the past week. I had a good line for one afternoon on first response which is what I shared and another couple for clear blue.

I have since showed my doctor to which she confirmed to my suspicions they were in fact positive and so she has ordered a beta and progestrone lab. But I know it is too late since my tests are somewhat basically negative. There is a hint of a line but it isnt strong enough for me to believe it is in my blood.

I'm not sure what to do from here... I am so extremely sad with this because I really want to have another baby... I have my 2 children and I really want them to have another sibling. Seeing real lines and then them go away is tearing my heart up and making me feel like maybe I passed my time and I cant have anymore..

These are from when I took them. I have been on vitamins and iron so my tests are extremely yellow

I understand some of you think these aren't positive but from my experience these are positive. I saw the lines come up during the testing window so I know they aren't evaps or indents. They looked different in person than on picture not sure why. These were basically my last photos of what the line looked to be. They were pink and visible to anyone who looked at them. My doctor and the nurse think they are positive.

I'm not sure what to do with knowing I have had 3 healthy pregnancies and only 1 miscarriage to now having 3-4 chemical pregnancies over the past 7-8 months. I'm not sure if anyone has experienced this or what they know about this... I just need help and just some kind of support because I feel so alone and so sad about everything..