Am I Wrong To Be A Little Bothered?

To start off… I have never told him that I was hurt at all because I didn’t think it was my place.

My fiancé lost his dad 10 years ago. Him and I have been together 5 years so I never had the honor of meeting his dad.

On the 10 year anniversary, he posted a Facebook tribute to his father. I do not have a Facebook so I never knew what I said. Out of curiosity i went online to see what he had written.

He personally thanked individual friends and family for helping him grow through the years and turn into the man he was today.

He stated how he’s sad that his dad couldn’t see him graduate from college or buy his first house.

He even tagged people to thank them. No problem! I’m happy he’s been supported.

Where I get my feelings hurt a little is while I was a big part in a lot of huge milestones…. Not once was the idea of us every mentioned. Not that WE bought a house. Not that WE got engaged. It’s like I never existed.

I don’t need all of the recognition I just thought it was weird he mentioned by name others but apparently I had no part in his growth of the man he is today (the theme of his post)

Again, it’s not really my place to say anything, I was just a little taken back.

Side note- he also does not ever want me to go to the cemetery with him to visit.

I’m not sure if he just feels awkward or what. Every year I make a cake on his dads birthday and write a nice card on Father’s Day and his death anniversary.