HR update. Coworker attacking me for being a SAHM

So last week I made a post about a male coworker making rude comments about me becoming a SAHM after I give birth. I’m actually going on maternity leave soon and will come back after my baby turns 1.

Briefly, my coworker pretty much was rude and had the audacity to assume my partner was cheating.

I went to the restroom and cried. Before we clocked out he came up to me and said “enjoy your weekend” I kinda felt bad for reporting him. I was scared because a lot of you women said I was being dramatic for sharing his opinion. But truth is, I felt humiliated ….

I came this morning with my hot chocolate and he made a dumb comment. “Did the hubs buy you the drink?”

Well HR dismissed him today. Thanks ladies. My job said they don’t tolerate bullies; especially on pregnant women!