Parosmia and pregnancy


I had covid dec 2020. Lost my smell completely for about 4 months and then it started slowly coming back but everything is distorted. It was manageable for a couple months until I became pregnant. I’m 6 weeks now and 90-95% of things have a HORRIBLE odor and it is severely affecting my taste as well. I can hardly eat anything. Bread, crackers, pasta, etc all are horrible smelling and tasting. I can eat almost nothing besides fruit which the acidity doesn’t sit quite well on an empty stomach.

I’ve tried a nose plug but when I swallow the smell still travels up the back of my throat into my nose and I still smell it.

Thankfully I can drink water still but I’m struggling so so hard. Feeling so alone as no one else I know has parosmia or especially parosmia intensified by pregnancy.

Anyone else in a similar boat at all? It’s taking a huge toll on my physical and mental state 😞