Trying to conceive after C-section

Megan • 29 FL✈️IN Baptized in Sweet Tea 🐝 😊

I’m at a loss. I’ve been trying to conceive my second child for over two years. I’m concerned because everywhere I read if you’ve been actively trying for a year the news of conceiving just becomes more and more sad. I had a csection with my first because she was frank breach and became this way a week overdue. Doctor at the time said it could if been because my amniotic fluid was low. I want to have a second child but concerned maybe I’m not conceiving because of the c section?? I want to continue to trust gods timing but every late period is more and more painful with a negative test and then receiving my period. I am almost 30 and literally hear the clock ticking in my head. Any positive advice is welcomed or techniques to become pregnant other then the obvious 😂