Early US/Spotting Update

Danni • 💙💙💙 👼🏼 🌈 4•20•22

Had labs and an US done last week at 5+2 due to pain & spotting. Got the call back today that all my labs look good (hcg was 10,415) and that my US did as well! They could see the ges sac in the uterus as well as a yolk sac, just couldn’t see an embryo yet. The cause of my spotting is a yeast infection which I have never had in my life (I am 29 & this is my 5th pregnancy) but glad we figured it out. I go back in 10 days to check on HCG levels again which will be just a few days before I see my OB. My GP is the one who has order all this testing. It’s nice to have the confirmation after a missed miscarriage last year that was quite traumatic physically and mentally.