I need your advice, ladies...

Kelley • DS 2/4/18

I'm going to preface this by saying I'm not going to get my hopes up. Though I'm sure I'll still cry if/when AF shows up on Saturday.

The past few days I've taken tests and all are very obviously negative. Absolutely nothing.

I'll also admit to a really bad habit... I'll take the test, wait the amount of time then leave it and check it like, hours later before actually throwing it away. Took another test first thing this morning. Waited and nothing. So I left it and just came back to it (hours later)...

There's something there. There's NEVER anything there. I've done this with every test I've ever taken and it has NEVER shown anything. I even looked on my 3 older tests and there's isn't even a HINT of a line.

I don't know what this means!! Ugh. Why do I torture myself? Hubs said I should take a big boy test (these are the $0.88 ones from Walmart) but I decided I'll wait till the morning.

Here's the test. What do you ladies think? EVAP line or positive result? Anyone experience something like this and was actually pregnant?